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Come Meet-Up With Like Minded People!

19th June, 2019 | Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


In conjunction with the Malaysia Tech Week 2019, we are hosting Night Crawl for the very first time in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. They say great entrepreneurs never sleep and what will be a better way to meet with like minded people, to gather and network after the event. Each night we will host and organise different topics at cool spaces and we make sure while you are holding the drink, the conversation will keep on pouring in.


About Night Crawl

In celebrating great event and conference, Night Crawl is a series of session after the event at amazing space in the city. Idea is to get like minded people to meet and continue networking after an event or conference. Each session are design to think out of the box, challenge the rational or practicality of how startup and business should operate. Here is where the moon shot thinking happen and exponential technology are born. It all start at night, with cup of drink and group of great mind.

Night Crawl Agenda

19th June, 2019

07:00 pm


Registration & Networking session.

08:00 pm
Welcoming Speech

Welcoming speech by Organizer 

Introduction to KL Society and the team. Followed by introducing today event and topic.

08:15 pm
Fire Chat

MDEC CEO, Surina Shukri

9:00 Pm
The Great Debate


Adjudicator take on the floor

Make an introduce, the debate topic, speakers and time keeper.

Female vs Male
Debate between Male and Female founder/ entrepreneur.

Topic: Which are better leader and produce better result?

Female Speaker

  • Xin-Ci, Storehub Head of Marketing 
  • Mellisa Suyin (AIM)
  • Low Ngai Yuen 


Male Speakers

  • Mr Chan KS, CEO of Exabytes 
  • Mr Aaron Sarma, Vidi CEO 
  • Mr Azrumy, CTO of Fave

Adjudicator : Dr Jason Leong


9:30 Pm
Break Time

Chill out over a drink and snacks

9:40 pm
Pitch At The Bar

Pitch Session
Founder and entrepreneur will be pitching their amazing startup in front of audience and judges of regional VCs.

5 selected startup will be selected.

Duration: Each founder are given 5 min to pitch and 3 min for Q&A.


  • Captii Ventures    : Sai Kit Ng, Chief Executive
  • Quest Ventures    : Jeffrey Seah, Partner at Quest Ventures
  • Gobi Partners       : Kenneth Tan, Vice President
  • PitchIn                    : Sam Shafie, Chief Executive Officer
10:40 PM

Closing Note and continue Networking

Meet The Speakers

Chin XinChi
Chin XinChi

Head of Marketing , StoreHub

Kenneth Tan
Kenneth Tan

Vice President, Gobi

Sam Shafie
Sam Shafie

Chief Executive Officer, PitchIn



Want to Speak at this Meetup or at a Future Meetup?
Chan KS
Chan KS

Chief Executive Officer, Exabytes

Aaron Sarma
Aaron Sarma

Founder & CEO, Vidi

Melissa Suyin
Melissa Suyin


Dr Jason Leong
Dr Jason Leong
Become a sponsor
Jeffrey Seah
Jeffrey Seah

Partner at Quest Ventures

Sai Kit Ng
Sai Kit Ng

Chief Executive, Captii Ventures

Low Ngai Yuen
Low Ngai Yuen
Surina Shukri
Surina Shukri


Where It’s At

No Black Tie, 17, Jalan Mesui, off, Jalan Nagasari, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur







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